IP Lookup Tool

Enter any IP Address and lookup its location, ASN, organization, proxy or non-proxy, and more.

If you are concerned about the GeoLocation data accuracy for the data listed below, please review the GeoLocation accuracy information for clarification.


IP Location via Ip2Location

City Unknown State Unknown Country Unknown
ISP Unknown Latitude Unknown Longitude Unknown

IP Location via DB-IP

City State Country
ISP Latitude Longitude
Organization Is proxy Is crawler
Threat Level

IP Location via IpInfo

City State Country
ISP Latitude Longitude

IP Location via Maxmind

City State Country
ISP Latitude Longitude

About this tool:

This tool helps to check geolocation data of any entered IP Address. Just type any version 4 IP and see its physical location according to the coordinates we found from various geo IP databases. It also points the location on the map to help you understand without finding it manually. This tool currently supports a few third party providers and more to be added soon.