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Domain age checker tool finds the domain (website) age accurately by utilizing the WHOIS databases and displays it to you. The tool fetches the Domain Registration date and the total age of the domain until now. Enter your domain below and find the website’s age:

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Domain Age Checker - Lookup the Domain's Age

Domain Age Checker instantly finds the age of any domain by querying its WHOIS details and comparing its registration date with its current date.

How to Check Domain Age?

Using that tool is quite simple.

  • Open the Domain Age Checker tool.
  • Enter a domain name, and click the "Check Now" button.
  • The domain age checker tool performs the domain WHOIS and provides you with the domain's registered date and its age.
  • The Domain Age Checker tools primarily provide you with the age in years. But our tool gives you the domain age in a year(s), months, days, hours, and minutes.

What is Domain Age?

Domain age refers to the difference between the first registration date of a domain and its current date. It refers to the time the domain name has existed for. In simple terms, it is how old a domain is.

How Is Checking the Domain Age Essential?

With time, the domain age factor is getting critical day by day. There are several reasons, especially in SEO, for which domain age checking is essential, which are listed below.

  • There is a question among the SEO community, does domain Age matter to rank top on search engines? Over time, the domain age has become essential in ranking pages in search engine results. Because the older a domain gets, the more trust and authority it achieves in the search engine perspective. Here is a point: this is not a primarily focused ranking factor.
  • There is a high chance that an aged domain has a high backlink profile because that domain has existed for an extended period. The domain owner might put effort into getting some quality backlinks. Having a solid backlink profile always helps in getting better ranks in Google.
  • With a strong backlink profile, you get an idea of how well a domain performs in search engine ranking. SEO experts believe that domain age is one of Google's ranking factors. If a domain has a better search engine ranking, it will save a lot of time, money, and effort that, in other terms, will be consumed to rank a newly existing domain.
  • With the domain's search engine ranking and backlink profile, you get an idea of how much traffic you can expect for that domain. The other factors, like publishing quality content, also matter. But if you combine them both, it will boost your ranking.
  • Sometimes, the domain age gives you an idea about the reputation of that domain. This factor might be beneficial when you buy an existing domain. Investing money, time, and effort in a new domain and starting from scratch to build a good reputation. It's better to go for long-existing domain names with an already established positive reputation within their market segment. But that doesn't mean an aged domain always has a good reputation. Sometimes, the domain owner uses black hat SEO techniques to gain some search engine advantages. With that, the domain might have a bad reputation among the users. That leads to the blocking of the domain's IP address. Therefore, it's better to check whether your domain exists in the IP blacklist databases or not. But before buying an existing domain, do a more in-depth analysis, like domain NS Lookup and Alexa traffic rank checker. Perform its link analysis and check broken links. Also, check the website OS and its hosting provider before deciding to purchase an existing domain.


How accurate is this domain age checker?

Our Domain age checker relies on WHOIS databases to retrieve domain registration date information. Below are some of the factors that can help you understand the accuracy of this tool:

  • Data Source: Most updated Data is retrieved from the WHOIS Database, providing the updated data from the most authentic source.
  • Update Frequency: The WHOIS database is one of the most updated sources of domain information on the internet. Yet there might be some delay by the database.
  • Historical Data: Domain is highly dependent on authentic historical data. Our domain age-checking tool fetches the same information as is present in the WHOIS database, making its historical data authentic.

How does the domain age checker tool work?

Domain Age Checker tool works by accessing publicly available information stored in the WHOIS database to determine the age of a domain. Here is the process:

  • Getting the domain as input from the user, the tool queries from the WHOIS database. WHOIS database stores registration details for domains, including creation date, expiration date, registrar information, and more
  • The tool fetches the registration details relevant to the provided domain from the WHOIS database.
  • By comparing the domain's registration date with the current date, the website age checker tool calculates the duration for which the domain has been registered. This calculation provides an estimation of the domain's age.
  • The tool then displays the Domain Registration date and the Age of the domain in Years, months, and days.