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About this tool:

The Multiple URLs Opener allows you to open the bulk URLs at once. You can manually input the URLs or copy and paste them into the text box, and with a single click, all the URLs will open in separate tabs.

Note: The pop-up block setting needs to be updated to open multiple pages of the same domain. These settings appear in the address bar when the browser blocks the pop-up.

Why use Multiple URLs Opener?

Opening bulk URLs seems to be hectic when you manually paste each URL in the browser bar to open, especially if your work is related to the web hosting provider or digital marketing executive who checks bulk links simultaneously.

So how about copying and pasting the several URLs link in the text box, and on a single click, all the pasted links will open without any hassle.

How to use multiple URLs opener tool?

To use that tool, perform the following steps.

  • Open the Multiple URLs Opener tool.
  • Manually input the URLs or copy and paste them into the text box.
  • Click on the "Open Now" button. Your results will be processed, and all the pasted URLs will start opening in new tabs.
  • You can open multiple links with a single click. There are no limits to URLs to open. However, it's better to open 20 to 25 URLs at once. Because opening too many URLs will slow down or freeze your web browser for few seconds.
  • The tool is free and easy to use. No downloading is required. You can access that tool anywhere in the world, where you have internet access.

Who can use the Multiple URLs Opener tool?

The following users can use that tool for their work purpose.

SEO Experts: If you are working as an SEO expert, that tool is beneficial. During the SEO audit, you have to open multiple URLs simultaneously in the browser for the audit purpose. You can put all the URLs in the tool text box and open them with a single click.

Web Data Research Experts: If you have to do the research or mine the web information where you need to open the bulk URLs at once, the tool helps you in this prospect with a single click.

Content Writer: As a content writer or creator, you have to research too much on your topic before writing the final copy. During the research process, you have to open multiple URLs, or first, you save the URLs supporting your case to open it at once. Here, it helps you to achieve that purpose with a single click.

Multiple URLs Opener Hardware/ Software Compatibility

  • All major web browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera, supports that tool.
  • All editions of Windows, Linux, and IOS Operating systems support the tool.
  • You can easily access that tool from your computer or mobile devices, where you have internet access.
  • There are no limits to the number of URLs to open. However, it is recommended to open not more than 20 - 25 URLs at one time.