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About this tool:

Like, every year, you go to your doctor for an annual checkup. The same thing goes with your websites SEO.

SEO is not the same as a decade ago. Today, Google considers more than 200 factors to rank a website. One of the most significant factors among those is having quality backlinks for your website.

Knowing how to build the links is the cornerstone of SEO. But the challenging task is to avoid the harmful links pointing to your website.

Tons of spammy links pointing to your website kills your ranking, and your website can be penalized for low-quality links.

You need to do an annual audit of your websites backlink and disavow the spammy and bad backlinks, as this is the simplest and easiest way to ensure your websites ranking.

Its no secret that spammy links can penalize your websites ranking. But the good news is that you can audit your link profile and use Google disavow tool to prevent or reverse any penalities.

What is a Google Disavow tool, and why was it introduced?

Currently, a rough estimate suggests there are more than two billion websites on the internet. And with each instance, more are coming.

Today, its not difficult to build a website, especially when you have WordPress-like CMS and Elementor like page builder.

The real challenge is to rank better. Every web admin tries to attract as many relevant audiences as possible. And one of the easiest ways to reach the audiences full potential is to create backlinks to different forums, websites, blogs, etc.

To achieve this goal, the web admins purchase the backlinks. That is not a good practice because it includes spammy backlinks, backlinks from irrelevant websites, backlinks from low-quality websites, etc.

The bad links or the toxic links are the links that violate the Google quality guidelines. And these links can hurt you in the eye of Googles Penguin algorithm.

Therefore, Google introduced the Disavow tool in October 2012. The tool allows you to tell Google to ignore (disavow) poor or unwanted links to your website. A Disavow is a file containing these instructions and tells Google which links or domains you would like him to ignore because they have or could negatively impact your ranking.

What is a Disavow File, and when to create a Google Disavow File?

A Disavow File is a file that contains those backlinks that you want to remove or want to tell Google to ignore those backlinks while considering the backlinks for your website.

But the question is when to create a Google Disavow File?

In general, create a Google Disavow File when

  • You or your SEO purchased some poor-quality links.
  • You find that you are receiving many low-quality links, and it looks like damaging your SEO ranking.
  • Your link portfolio has several backlinks that are spammy or that generally violate Googles quality guidelines.

There are a few categories of harmful or toxic backlinks you might consider disavowing:

  • Websites are set up just for links.
  • Spammy websites.
  • Links in the spam comments.
  • Links in the comments of an irrelevant post.
  • Backlinks from websites in your non-target country/countries (e.g., a backlink from a Portuguese or Chinese website when your audience is in the U.S.)

Negative SEO attack

Every web admin knows that purchasing dozens of spammy backlinks for a website can penalize the website by Google. But there may also be a chance that your competitor buys all spammy links and point them to your domain or URL. Therefore, frequent audits of your outbound links are essential. And if you find any spammy links, disavow them are necessary.

What are recommendations to consider while creating a Google Disavow File?

While creating a Disavow File, one must consider the following recommendations.

  • The Disavow File must be in text format and encoded in UTF-8 or 7-bit ASCII.
  • The URL length should not be greater than 2,048 characters, and the entire file should not contain more than 100,000 lines (including blank lines and comment lines).
  • The file size should be equal to or within the limit of 2MB.
  • Please specify one URL or domain per line to disavow.
  • Disavow an entire subpath is not applicable, such as abc.com/en/.
  • You must disavow a whole domain rather than submitting an individual URL, especially if you are getting harmful links from several URLs of the same domain.
  • Suppose you want to disavow a complete domain (subdomain), prefix it with "domain:" for example, domain:abc.com, and if you are going to disavow a single URL, please mention that URL.
  • You can include comments by starting a line with a # mark. Google will ignore any lines that begin with #.

How to create a Google Disavow File by using Disavow File Generator Tool?

Manually performing such a task is always challenging and time-consuming. Therefore, its always recommended using some online tool for that purpose.

Several online tools can generate the Google Disavow File while considering Googles recommendations and guidelines.

To generate Disavow File, perform the following steps.

  1. Open Google Disavow File Generator Tool.
  2. The tool gives you two options. Enter domains or enter URLs as per your need. Or you can use the "Browse" option to upload the file containing the domains or URLs. Please enter one domain or URL per line.
  3. If you already have Disavow File, you can upload it.
  4. After uploading, click on the "Generate Disavow File" button.
  5. The tool generates a Google Disavow File for you. It creates a file in text (.txt) format and downloads it to your system.
  6. Copy that file, and paste it to the desired location.

Note: Its not an easy task to mark a link as a spammy or toxic link. Disavowing a genuine link can negatively impact your SEO.

Is it possible to undo a link disavow?

If, by mistake, you add your valuable link in Googles Disavow File and upload that file to Google Disavow Tool. Still, you can undo a link disavow by modifying your Disavow File and upload it again. But there is no guarantee that Google gives value to your modified file.

According to Matt Cutts, it takes time (though no one knows how long) to undo a link disavow. Therefore, a proper audit of each domain or URL is essential before entering it into a Disavow File.

Why is Google Search Console (GSC) still showing Disavow links in total external links?

While considering the backlinks for your website, Google considers the links present in your Disavow File as nofollow links. All those links are marked as nofollow. Therefore, the Google Search Console (GCS) still shows Disavow links in total external links.

How long does Google take to disavow links?

It usually takes 48 hours for Google to notice that a new Disavow File has been uploaded. After that, it takes weeks or months until Google re-crawls your disavow links.