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About this tool:

Word Counter is a free online word and characters count tool that helps you count the number of words and characters of any text or document.

Just close your eyes, and recall the word "Word Count." What comes to mind first? The flashback of an old high school, sitting in the exams and writing an essay on a particular topic with specific word counts.

Today, there are several ways to express your feelings or emotions, and one of the best communicative ways is to share it through written content.

Either you are posting on social media, creating a blog for your website, or designing a corporate document. Your primary focus is on attracting the reader and delivering the true essence of your content.

Therefore, if you are new in the writing field or an expert, your focus must create valuable content within the specified word limit.

Note: The word limit varies depending upon your targeted audience.

Why does the word count matters in SEO?

In the past, people mostly wrote content for search engines, with a technique called "keyword stuffing." But today, that technique does not work. Instead, after Google algorithm changes, Google prefers new and creative content, intending to solve users problems.

In 2012, a study was held concerning the correlation between the blog posts length and its impact on SEO ranking. The result showed that having a blog post with 1,500 words length is helpful in SEO. But today, the study indicates that the blog post length should be between 2,100 to 2,400 words for a better rank in SEO.

Note: If you can convey your message with fewer words, you must go for that—Because for Google, the user experience matters.

What is the purpose of the word counter tool?

Suppose you get an assignment to write an article or blog post with of minimum 2000 word limit.

What would be your focus?

  • Either to entirely focus on your targeted audience and write an informational article or blog post.
  • Or focus on the word count.

The answer will be simple. Everyone focuses on the targeted audience and detailed, informative posts.

Therefore, to overcome that slow and time-wasting practice of manually doing the word count. The online word count tool plays an essential role.

How to use an online word counter tool for counting the words and characters of any text or document?

For a word count, perform the following steps.

  • Open the Online Word Counter Tool.
  • Enter the text in the text area provided for that purpose.
  • The word count tool gives you the information regarding Characters (without spacing), Characters (with spacing), number of Words/Sentences/Paragraphs, Average sentence length of the entered text, and much more.
  • You will also get the keyword density report.

Note: You can also use the case converter for upper case, lower case, and other case conversions.

Word count and social media - the ideal length of every social media post

Each social media platform has its provided guidelines regarding the maximum character length. However, they may change that limit with time by keeping in mind their targeted audience. Currently,

  • In a Facebook post, you can use 63,206 characters.
  • In a Twitter tweet, you can use 280 characters.
  • In Instagram captions, you can use 2,200 characters and add 30 hashtags in your whole post.
  • In the case of LinkedIn, it allows you to have statutes of 1,300 characters on individual accounts and 700 characters long on company page posts.