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IP ASN No. AS14618

Geolocation data from DB-IP(Product: API, real-time)

City Ashburn State Virginia Country United States US
ISP Amazon Technologies Inc. Latitude 39.0438 Longitude -77.4874
Organization AMAZON.COM, INC. Is proxy NO Is crawler 1
Threat Level Low

Geolocation data from IpInfo (Product: API, real-time)

City Ashburn State Virginia Country  US
ISP Amazon.com, Inc. Latitude 39.0481 Longitude -77.4728

Geolocation data from Maxmind(Product: Full, April 16 2018 05:36:26.)

City Ashburn State Virginia VA Country United States US
ISP Amazon.com, Inc. Latitude 39.0853 Longitude -77.6452