What is My IP Address GeoLocation?

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IP Location Lookup tool provides you free location tracking of an entered IP Address. It tracks the IP's city, country, latitude, and longitude data instantly through various Geo IP Databases available in the market.

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IP ASN No. AS14618

IP Location via DB-IP(Product: API, real-time)

City Ashburn State Virginia Country United States US
ISP Amazon.com, Inc. Latitude 39.0438 Longitude -77.4874
Organization AMAZON TECHNOLOGIES INC Is proxy NO Is crawler NO
Threat Level Low

IP Location via IpInfo (Product: API, real-time)

City Virginia Beach State Virginia Country  US
ISP Amazon.com, Inc. Latitude 36.8512 Longitude -76.1692

IP Location via Maxmind(Product: Full, April 17 2019 10:53:48.)

City Ashburn State Virginia VA Country United States US
ISP Amazon.com, Inc. Latitude 39.0481 Longitude -77.4728

What is an IP Address?

IP Address is the primary parameter about which every internet user should be concerned. The IP Address is involved in each of your internet activity performed on your computer. Every website you open keeps track of your internet identity and identifies what action you are playing around on their website. Your IP Address is your internet identity, which is used by each website you visit to keep track of your browsing habits.

The general meaning of an IP Address is an internet protocol address, and this protocol includes with every single request initiated from your browser or computer via the internet to any website or server. Whenever you try to open a website in your browser, it knocks the door of website's server and identifies itself as a number like Every computer connected via the internet has a different IP Address, and the responsibility of assigning IP Address is on ISP (Internet service provider). The internet giants like Google and Facebook have their own ISPs.

How do you know my IP Address?

We know your IP Address because whenever you visit a website, your browser initiates a request and include your IP with the request, and as soon as the request reaches our server, it gets the IP Address from the request and shows it on your screen. You cannot hide your IP Address from any website. It is not in any way possible to use the internet without an IP Address.

What is an IPLocation.io?

IPLocation.io is an internet service (website) which provides its users the facility to check your IP Address and track location of any IP Address which exists on the internet. IpLocation.io service runs by querying various GeoLocation services available on the internet, and these services provide us public data for any IP Address. The data provided by GeoLocation services include but not limited to city, state, country, latitude, the longitude of an IP and these parameters are not 100% accurate but are estimates for general idea to reach the source of an IP Address.

IPLocation.io also provides many other online tools related to IP. And these tools are widely used by website developers and webmasters to solve daily based tasks which otherwise require various software to solve complex tasks.

What is a GeoLocation and How it Works?

GeoLocation is a geographical location on a map and the parameters to use for drawing map comes from the GeoLocation online service providers, and those providers give us geolocation data against any IP once we send them the IP Address provided by our user. Once we receive the latitudes and longitude coordinates of the IP, we pinpoint it on a map to let the user know the location on the map.

Can I Hide My IP Address and Location?

The answer is no. You cannot hide your IP Address.

However, you can trick someone into thinking that you are from another location by using the IP Address of some other computer located in a different corner of the world. And that is called VPN Service which allows a user to install computer software and that software helps to bypass all your network requests through some other computer in some other country. VPN services are now widely used for hiding the real identity of internet users. Many free VPN services are available on the internet. However, some paid VPN services also provide fast and reliable internet speed while browsing through a VPN.

FAQ: IP Location

1. What is this IP Address location website all about?

IP Location provides Geolocation of any IP address including but not limited to ASN#, ISP, City, Country, Longitude & Latitude. Geographic Location of an IP is public data and available for detection of source of IP's for various purposes.

2. How to get IP Geolocation database?

Although we provide geo location data free for our users from multiple data providers but there are lot of commercially available geolocation databases but accuracy and pricing of these services may vary. DB-IP, Ip2location, MaxMind, Ipinfo offer paid and free databases or API's(in ASP, Python, PHP and Java) for integration into an web application.