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About Convert MD File to HTML:

Markdown to HTML Converter helps you to convert markdown markup language as HTML code.

What is Markdown, and how is it used?

Some people are already familiar with Markdown. Some others have heard about Markdown but never use it. And some others have no idea what Markdown is. So first, let start; what is Markdown?

The Markdown files are plain text files containing text inline symbols for formatting the text (e.g., titles, bold, tables), intending to make the writing for the internet more accessible.

The basic philosophy behind Markdown is that the plain text file must be readable without the tags mussing everything up. But there should be a way to add modifiers like lists, bold, italics, etc.

Why is Markdown used?

When you write documentation, you probably write in Markdown. If not, then you are missing out. The Markdown is the code behind how the document is formatted. There are several reasons why you use the Markdown. Some of them are

  • It's easy to learn and fast to use: Learning Markdown is relatively easy and dead simple. The official syntax of Markdown can be found here, and it's easy to understand. Like typing *word* will make it bold, typing **word** or _word_ will make it italic. For links, you can write it like that [anchor text]( For creating the list, just hit enter and add any of these three characters ( -, *, +) at the start of each line.
  • It converts to HTML easily: If you are writing an HTML, then write an HTML. But if you are writing an email or readme file where you do not fully require complete HTML for formatting, then Markdown is the best solution. That is because Markdown converts to HTML flawlessly. In addition, Markdown has built-in software to convert the plain text to HTML. So, in other words, Markdown is a text to HTML conversion software.
  • Markdown is a futureproof: Markdown is a plain text file. So as far as the simple text format is acceptable, Markdown is accessible and openable in all modren programs. Markdown has its file extension .md. But it was also designed to be perfectly readable as a raw text file. Therefore, Markdown is not going anywhere in the future.
  • It's used everywhere: In a world of social coding, the programmers who don't grasp Markdown will find themselves at a disadvantage. Markdown is an unofficial standard on one of the popular coding sites, such as GitHub. It is also the default formatting option on popular communication tools such as Slack, Skype, and Facebook Messenger. Wikipedia even uses a modified Markdown syntax; they call it wikitext.

Why is Markdown to HTML conversion important?

There are several reasons why you need to convert the Markdown to HTML. These are

  • Markdown file is itself a code. It's a markup language. In the document, to view how the Markdown is intended, it has to be in HTML.
  • If you have a simple static website, sometimes it's easier and quicker to make a webpage in Markdown. Then convert that Markdown file to HTML, and upload it to your website. After uploading on the web, you can even view the HTML source code.
  • If you share raw Markdown documents with a non-technical person, it would be nothing to them. Suppose your higher management wants you to share the documentation of something. Then presenting the documentation in the raw Markdown format is not the appropriate one.

How to perform Markdown to HTML conversion by using MD to HTML converter?

The online tools make the process so simple. For example, for Markdown to HTML conversion, perform the following steps.

  • Open Markdown to HTML - Markdown Editor.
  • You can either copy and paste the Markdown text or use the "From URL" or "Browse" option to upload the text.
  • If you want, auto-update, click on the "Auto Update" button.
  • After uploading the Markdown text, click on the "Markdown to HTML" button for Markdown to HTML conversion.
  • The tool provides you the results in HTML format.
  • The tool allows you to download the resulted part in .html file format. Click on the "Download" button to download the file to your device.