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About this tool:

URL Expander - Un-Shorten URL in a Single Click

URL Un-Shortner, also unknown as Link Un-Shortner, is a URL Expander tool that un-shortens or de-shortens any URL to a long URL masked by any URL-Shortener service like goo.gl (Google), fb.me (Facebook), t.co (Twitter), bit.ly, ow.ly, and many others.

Shorten URL and its impact on SEO

With time, the popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, or Twitter, is increasing. In simple words, they are now at their peak. Whenever we create any post on these social media platforms and enter any long URL, there are two ways to shorten that URL. First, the social media platform does it by itself, or second, we use any URL-shortener tool to shorten the long URL.

But the question is, does the shortened URL affects the SEO?

The answer is simple and straight. According to Google, the short URL does not negatively affect the SEO unless that URL works correctly.

In SEO, link juice passing is one of the essential factors that rank your website. And here,the URL shortener helps to change the "NoFollow" tag.

Social network websites practice putting a "NoFollow" tag in the links they provide to prevent any abuse. However, even if search engines respect that tag, it is not the case for URL shorteners as they short circuit this process. Indeed, these types of links will be followed back by search engines, which means that some value will eventually pass through them. It is suitable for people who often use social media as part of their marketing campaigns or use them to share content.

But there is one drawback of shortened URLs, for which it's better that you must un-shorten or expand the URL. The drawback is that shortened URLs can lead to spamming and endless redirections.

As shortened URLs hide the final destination, they can be an easy target for the spammers to do their business. They can hide their harmful links in shortened URLs so that users can land on their desired link. This practice causes a problem because it raises a lousy reputation for shortened links, as people who have already encountered spamming will never trust it again.

Therefore, to expand or un-shorten the URL, to find the actual destination behind it, perform the following steps.

  • Open the Free URL Un-Shortner Tool.
  • Enter any shortened URL masked by any URL-Shortener service and click on the "Un-Shorten Now" button.
  • The URL Expander processes your request and provides you with the actual URL behind the shortened URL.