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Our website hosting provider checker helps you find out which hosting is used by yours or any website accurately.


Hosting Checker

The free online Web Hosting Checker tool allows users to check Who Is Hosting a website. This hosting check tool shares insights about hosting provider, server names, server IP Address, country & organization that owns these servers.

Just enter the domain or IP to perform Web Hosting WHOIS. Grab your competitors by checking their hosting provider and identify the technologies used by them.

How to use the web hosting checker to check who is hosting a particular website?

It is essential to choose the most reliable and efficient web hosting provider because moving a website from one particular web host to another web host is such a big hassle.

Using the web hosting checker saves a lot of effort, time, and money.

To check who is hosting a specific website, perform the following steps.

  • Go to tool Check Website Hosting Provider.
  • Click on the tool and enter the website's domain or IP address, who's hosting provider you want to check.
  • After entering, click on the "CHECK NOW" button.
  • The tool provides you the hosting provider currently hosting a particular website.

The tool is free. Perform the Hosting WHOIS as much as you want.

What is Web hosting?

Web hosting is an online service for individuals or organizations to place their website. It stores the files, images, data, content and databases of any website in the allocated space. Everytime a user hits the website’s URL the hosting is accessed to fetch the needed files that hold the website’s information.

What does a web hosting service provider mean?

Primarily, hosting is the central part of the website. A web hosting provider is an online business that equipped web admins with the technologies and the services needed to make a website available on the World Wide Web.

Web hosting service provider provides the storage space for web admins to manage their web documents and database. It also includes email and other essential services to operate the website efficiently.

The importance of website hosting for SEO

Web hosting has a clear effect on SEO. Search engines like Google now consider more than 200 plus ranking factors while ranking a website, while Yandex has more than 2000 factors while ranking a website. Seeing this situation, the SEO experts agree that all your SEO efforts will get ruined if you do not use a professional web hosting provider.

The professional web hosting provider helps you in several ways to improve your SEO ranking. Some of them are

  • It helps in enhancing the web page loading speed.
  • It makes your website reach millions of people on the internet 24/7 without any disturbance.
  • It provides access to experienced staff to manage your website and strong technical support.
  • It gives you the domain and domain-associated email address, which helps in making brand loyalty.
  • It keeps your website safe and secure from any spamming and hacking attempts.

What are the factors to consider while evaluating and choosing a reliable hosting service provider?

The following factors must be considered while evaluating and choosing a reliable hosting service provider:

  1. Server downtime:  If your website takes a long time to connect. Then you must evaluate it and go for other web hosting options.
  2. Support:  A service-providing company cannot survive without an efficient support team. Check how good their support is. Is the support team outsourced or not? Is there a support team available 24/7? Ensure whom to contact for technical support and how much time they will take to solve your query.
  3. Page speed:  That is one of the most important factors that Google considers in SEO, because it directly affects your user experience that ultimately affects the website's conversion rate.
  4. Server location:  Always go for that web hosting to provide you the server near your targeted audience because it improves your page loading speed.
  5. Server reliability:  When Amazon went down in 2013 for 30 minutes, it cost them $66,240 per minute in revenue. Check the reviews and the server reliability/uptime scores of your listed hosting providers. Today, the standard server uptime is above 99.95% and should avoid anything below 99%.
  6. Price:  Always go for the hosting provider that is compatible with your budget. Almost all the long-term plans of web hosting providers are cheap compared to their short-term plans.
  7. Compare the signup price with the renewal price: The majority of the time, the signup price is relatively low compared to the renewal price. And you cannot just change your hosting provider frequently.
  8. Essential features:  Check whether the web hosting provider is providing critical components like the one-click installer, .htaccess File Access, and FTP/SFTP Access. It's better to go on a trial basis, so you can check that either the hosting provider is compatible with your needs and budget or not.
  9. Backups for your website:  Backups are essential for your website. Because sometimes, your website either crashes, gets a virus attack, or gets under an attempt of a hack. A good web host provider must be able to restore your entire website (or at least a huge chunk of it) with minimal downtime to avoid any significant losses.
  10. Room to Grow: Your hosting provider is capable of allowing your site to grow. You must have the ability to upgrade your plan. Many providers will enable that facility and make upgrading relatively easy for you. Please find out the unlimited website and subdomain packages' cost and compare it to the rest of the industry players. At the same time, you can also shift to other providers. It is a time-consuming process and requires some technical skills.

Why do you need to check the web hosting service providers?

Web hosting service providers provide you all the technologies and facilities necessary to make your website available and visible on the internet.

They provide you different hosting plans as per your budget and requirements. Like the shared hosting service, one server is available for multiple webmasters to host their websites.

Web hosting providers provide customers with more advanced technology, excellent user guidance, and a satisfying price scheme. That is the primary reason more, and more website owners are satisfied by many modern web hosting providers' high-performance platforms.