Open Graph Debugger

About OG Tags Debug tool:

What is an Open Graph tag?

Open Graph is a protocol introduced by Facebook in

2010 that allows for better reach on Facebook for any website. It enables any website to have the same functions like any other entity on Facebook. The website is displayed on Facebook and, other social media sites (such as Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn) also support the Open Graph meta tag.

How to add HTML meta tags? 

Use a free tool like Open Graph debugger to create a meta tag for your website, and then copy the meta tag into the <head> element. 

Can I add meta tags to the main element? 

Meta tags are only allowed for head elements. Adding meta tags to the body will result in invalid markup. 

What is the image size of Open Graph? 

Use images that are at least 1080 pixels wide for the best viewing experience on high-resolution devices. Facebook recommends using 1:1 images in ads to achieve better performance for image ads. 

Click one of the official Open Graph debugging tools to scrape your website again: