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Create a strong random password to stay safe online. Use the Free Password Generator Tool to create a strong password that is impossible to crack to prevent your system or device from being compromised.

The research shows that there are almost 4.66 billion active internet users globally, encompassing 59 percent of the world's population.

Almost all internet users are connected to the internet 24/7, either through their mobile phones or any other digital device. But at the same time, these users are at a threat of getting scammed or hacked.

While living in such an environment, we all know the importance of a strong password and its usage.

In simple words, the password means a secret code or a string of letters or words that allow your admission to any particular device or any application, so your security is not being compromised.

The random password generator tool generates the most secure and un-hackable short and long length password(s) that are almost impossible to crack to secure your system as much as possible.

What is the use of a password?

Either password is the string of characters that we use to protect our data and authenticate that the user can access that data or not— that secures our personal information and prevents our data from being used for any malicious activity.

The main motive behind creating a strong password is to keep our secrecy and to prevent our system from any security threat.

During account creation on any internet platform or digital device, one of the most important steps is to create an account with a strong password. The main reason behind that exercise that no other person can access your account without your permission and all your data remains protected.

It is up to the person who created the account to either share the account's information with another person or not.

The research shows that 85 percent of the systems get hacked because of having a weak password.

Many security researchers emphasize the importance of SSL certificates for web applications to improve user security.

Why we need a strong password?

From the following facts, you can easily judge why you need a strong password.

  • E-Bay reported that in May 2014, due to a cyberattack, its account list of 145 million users got exposed, including their names, dates of birth, addresses, and encrypted passwords.
  • The Data Breach investigation report shows that due to a weak password, more than 17 million passwords were breached in 2017.

A few years back, when we usually create the password, we mainly use simple terms or some password generation standards, like our name, phone number, pet's name, date of birth, etc.

The main motive behind that practice was keeping our password simple and easy to remember.

But due to the technological revolution, things have dramatically changed. Today, almost all internet users have smartphones or other digital devices. That contains a lot more of our personal and information ranging from financial, social media, business, and personal data.

Several cloud companies such as Dropbox and Google Drive provide their smartphone apps to upload your data to the cloud. These apps, with time, taking preventative measures to keep their system as secure as possible.

But hackers always look for vulnerabilities and benefits of such opportunities.

Therefore, you must secure your system as much as possible.

One factor in making your system secure has a strong password. It's up to you either you want a firm or complicated password or not.

But having a strong password does not mean that your system is now 100 percent secure. It's an attempt by your end to secure your network.

When changing the password is essential?

It would be best to change the password, especially when

  • You forget your password.
  • You identify some unauthorized access to your account.
  • The company with whom you have an account had a data breach.

How can an Online Strong Random Password Generator Tool help you?

With time, due to the privacy threats, we need a strong password for our device. But the problem is we mostly use the old-fashioned way to generate password(s) in the password creation process.

The things to avoid while creating the password is

Do not use

  • Pet's name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Favorite movie, song, or place name
  • Any general information

Because today, anyone can easily predict this and can breach the system to stole the data.

The strong password contains

  • Alphabets
  • Numerics
  • Special characters

But the problem with that, these are difficult to memorize, especially when you have accounts on several internet platforms and have a separate username and password for each forum.

Then this isn't easy to memorize each password. The browsers provide the facility to save your account's credentials, but that is not recommended.

Several online services allow you to remember your account's credentials (username and password) and help you generate a strong password.

Some of the best password managers are:

With that, several online tools can generate a strong random password for you, as per your mentioned guidelines. And you can also check password strength.

How to create a strong random password by using an online strong random password generator tool?

To create a strong random password that is impossible to crack.

Perform the following steps.

  • Open an Online Strong Random Password Generator Tool.
  • From the following options, select the option(s) you want to use. It's up to you either choose all, any of them, or any combination of the following options.
    • Use Lowercase Letters abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
    • Use Digits 0123456789
    • Use Basic Symbols !?#$&*@
    • Use More Symbols %()+-=[]{}|~.,
    • Skip Similar Looking Characters 0OoIl1
    • All Unique Characters
    • Equal Character Set Probability
  • Select the password length and the number of passwords that you want to create.
  • Click on the "Generate" button.
  • The tool will generate a strong random password(s) as per your given instructions.
  • Please copy the password and paste it to the desired location.
  • You can generate as many passwords from that tool.

Note: The Online Strong Random Password Generator Tool never stores any password and all password limits to your browser. No password(s) is sent outside your browser to any server in any way. You do not have to worry about security and can use these passwords in any of your online accounts or projects.