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About this tool:

Test IPv6 Compatibility and Configuration for a Website or Webserver

IPv6 Online Compatibility Checker tool determines if a website or webserver supports IPv6 connection or not. IPv6 has several advantages over IPv4. Therefore, its better to communicate over IPv6.

What is IPv6?

"What is my IP" is in Googles top 100 searches. So if you go to Google and enter that term, Google provides your IP address.

But some searches contain What is my IPv4 address or What is my IPv6 address?

The people linked with the IT industry have a better understanding that IPv4 and IPv6 are the versions of IP. Most of us are aware of the IPv4 version because that is the most adapted one.

However, IPv6 is the latest version of the IP address. It was deployed in the mid-2000s to replace the old IPv4 version. As IPv4 is in its final stages of consuming its unallocated address space.

IPv6 address uses a 128-bit address format (compared to IPv4, which uses 32-bit) and includes both numbers and letters.

For example, the Google DNS servers are

  1. IPv4 DNS Servers
    1. Primary DNS:
    2. Secondary DNS:
  2. IPv6 DNS Servers
    1. Primary DNS: 2001:4860:4860::8888
    2. Secondary DNS: 2001:4860:4860::8844

Some interesting facts about IPv6 adoption

Due to the shortage of IPv4 addresses, the adoption of IPv6 addresses is increasing. Therefore, even though there is a difference between IPv4 and IPv6, but both will co-exist. That will happen because of the techniques and network structures relying on both IPv4 and IPv6.

However, as far as the adoption of IPv6 is concerned, some exciting facts need to be considered.

  • Today almost 25% of the internet-connected network supports IPv6.
  • On Google, 49+ countries deliver over 5% of their traffic through the IPv6 network. With 24 countries whose IPv6 network traffic exceeds 15%. Get the Google IPv6 Statistics: global and country.
  • Today almost all popular DNS servers support IPv6. In November 2016, 98.4% of TLDs on the Internet supported IPv6 to access their domains nameservers.
  • Today, ICANN requires that all new TLDs must be IPv6-capable from the day they start.
  • IPv6 has moved from the early adoption phase to the early majority phase. Today, almost all cloud hosting providers begin to charge for IPv4 addresses while leaving IPv6 services free.
  • Facebook is working and in the process of turning IPv4 off within their data centers. It uses the load balancers to manage both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses coming from outside.
  • The U.S. government is doing a large-scale IPv6 deployment with a non-funded mandate. Currently, the U.S. governments Office of Management and Budget is asking for the deployment of IPv6-Only by 2025. The next one is Germany, with the second country to deploy IPv6 on a larger scale with a massive government-led project.

About IPv6 Compatibility Checker Tool

The AAAA DNS records contain IPv6 addresses for the domain and establish a connection between an IPv6 user and webserver.

IPv6 Compatibility Checker tool verifies the IPv6 DNS records to test if a website or webserver is compatible and configured correctly to support IPv6 on their network or not.

For that, enter the domain name. The tool validates that either domain supports IPv6 or not. It also provides AAAA DNS records and AAAA nameservers records for that domain. In addition to that, it gives you the code snippet that you can put on your website to help raise awareness and show your commitment to IPv6 development to your users.